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Our Favorite Alina Baraz Lyrics

You may have noticed that we’re huge fans of Alina Baraz. Her music is in our playlists, films, and social feeds. We love her beautiful lyrics and sultry voice. We thought you might enjoy a few of our favorite swoon-worthy Alina Baraz lyrics:


Drift by Alina Baraz:

“You and me we’re poetry
Painting stories with our lips”

Show Me by Alina Baraz:

“Touch me with no hands
Hold me with your eyes
Unwind me with your mind tonight
Speak with no words
Show me and I’m all yours”

Unfold by Alina Baraz:

“I’m your flower watch me unfold
My vulnerability, letting you consume me”

Paradise by Alina Baraz:

“Let me go, let me go, let me go far
Taste all your thoughts
Travel across your mind, get lost”

Fantasy by Alina Baraz:

“So you say you wanna get away
We don’t need a plane
I could be your escape
Take you to a place
Where there’s no time, no space
I could be your private island
On a different planet
Anything could happen
Listen to the waves
Let them wash away your pain”

Listen to more beautiful music here: Anya Lust Playlists

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How to Plan a Self-Love Day in 3 Steps


1. Set aside time for yourself

Clear your schedule and turn off your phone. It’s important to disconnect and simply focus on yourself and your clarity. This step is crucial as distractions may pull you away from fully enjoying time to yourself. How often you should have your self-love day is up to you – once a week, once a month, or however often you’d like.


2. Create an agenda for your “me time”

If you don’t have a full day to dedicate to self-love, you can set aside just a few hours. This can be Sunday morning before everyone is ready to go out to brunch or on a designated day after work. Light a few beautifully scented candles and turn on your favorite music to set the mood. Decide what you want to focus on: a spa day at home, a special hobby like painting, or taking time to dive into your favorite novel. To fully indulge, slip on a robe and surround your bathtub with candles, set up your easel outside, read in bed with a nourishing cup of tea… anything that would allow you to enjoy your time even more.


3. Make yourself the priority

Just setting aside time to focus on yourself isn’t enough. You must be fully present to enjoy your day. We recommend a few minutes of meditation to clear your mind and focus. Breathe in the scent of your candles, float while listening to your favorite music, take in the beauty of self-love.

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