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We just launched. So, naturally, we can only imagine what it is that you’d love to have in your lingerie drawer. We’ve selected all of our beautiful pieces in boutique quantities so that we can discover which items you like, and which ones you can live without. What do you want to see in our store? Tell us everything from:

◦ Which colors you prefer
◦ Fabrics that you love
◦ Styles that you adore
◦ Sizes that you think should be included

Please send us your feedback at to help us curate the most gorgeous selection for you and every girl in Anya Lust Land.

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Chelsea Blink Says...

Your products are GORGEOUS and I would love to wear nearly all of them….except that most of them wouldn’t fit me. I hope you get enough demand to support some extended sizes (e.g. I’m a 34 G or 36 F, and an XL/1X elsewhere). I found one beautiful teddy that comes in an XL that might fit me except that I have no idea whether it would go over the girls. Anyway, fat women like to look and feel sexy too, so please let us give you our money!

Krystle Says...

Thanks Chelsea! We love your feedback and totally agree that women of all sizes should feel sexy. We’re constantly searching for luxury designers who cater to large busts, so please visit us again to see what we find.

Karina Says...

I love anything with a Gatsby party/ roaring 20s theme. Some of your current items have a bit of that, but seeing even more of it would be cool. Tassels, elegant sequins, gorgeous feathers, pearls, the works. Excessive luxury that women can indulge in.

Ashley Says...

Your lingerie is sooo beautiful, but alas I’m plus sized. It would be nice to see high end lingerie for plus sizes. A lot of plus sizes are sold at low end stores and the products are poorly constructed. Ithe would be great to see bigger sizes on your site, because I would totally shop here.


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